Monday, September 22, 2014


I feel as if I have nothing to blog about. So you will get a random assortment of pictures from the last few days - Enjoy :)

Jaxen still loves his wagon…loves riding in it, or pulling it!

Nik picked this leaf up for me last weekend. I think it is beautiful! 
The leaves are beginning to change around here!

That’s a pretty cool dude, right there!

Jaxen is a big drinker - on this particular day, he had to have 2 cups. 
One with milk and one with juice!

Friday night we went to a friends and had a campfire dinner at their lake house!
So beautiful and fun. And cold.

Sunday Jaxen was looking like a stud before church but would not let me take his picture (left).
After a fun morning in the church nursery and spaghetti for lunch, he was a mess (right)!

Sunday afternoon nap. 
Nik was in charge and decided to let Jaxen crash wherever and whenever he was ready!

Hopefully I will have more to blog about this week!

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