Friday, September 19, 2014

Life Updates

This will probably be a hodgepodge kind of blog post today. No rhyme or reason…just some updates on our life. So in that case - I will number them. Because who doesn’t like a good list?!

1. Footie-pajamas have made their debut this fall. And they are pretty much adorable.

2. We have officially turned on our heater and in the next week or so, we will pull out all the window A/C units and have our fireplace ready to go!

3. Which, with the above two statements, has made me spend much of my day today (thankful to my cutie husband for entertaining Jaxen) pulling out all of Jaxen’s summer clothes and too small clothes and going through boxes of new clothes.

4. Jaxen is mostly in 2T pajamas. I have put him in a few 3T and they are just a little big, but he still wears them. The jeans that fit him the best are the 18-24 month jeans. He is in 2T shirts. And a size 8 shoe. Just FYI.

5. I am pretty much in love with all of Jaxen’s winter clothes. I cannot get enough of the long sleeve t-shirts, striped sweaters, and the hoodies. So so cute. And I have to say, I am so thankful and very blessed to have an abundance of clothes for Jaxen. A few ladies here who have older boys have been so kind to us and passed along old clothes. So thankful!

6. Along with his new clothes, there were these shoes that light up when he walks. He put them on his feet the minute he saw them and only took them off to nap. I tried to get a picture. It’s not great - it’s pretty hard to snap a pic of shoes that light up when you step!

7. Potty-training. These words are now in our vocabulary. I have even pulled out a potty chair and placed it in the bathroom. Today Jaxen spent a solid 10 minutes sitting on the potty chair, then washing his hands, then sitting on the chair, washing his hands…you get the idea. No, I am not officially potty training yet. I am just warming up to the idea as he is. The signs are coming that he is ready and so I am trying to be prepared. And not rush through this process. But to follow his lead. So for the next few weeks, if he wants to sit on his potty chair and wash his hands that is what we will do!

8. Nik is in the middle of a big church-project: repaving and expanding the the parking lot.

9. Jaxen has allergies. Pretty bad right now. Runny nose, congestion, coughing (no fever), not eating great…but with the energy he has…you would never know it!

And I’ll stop on odd-number 9. I’m sure there is more to our life right now than that…but that is all that got typed in this blog session!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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