Sunday, May 18, 2014

District Assembly

Wednesday thru Saturday we were in Rochester, NY at our District Assembly. For those of you who are Nazarenes - you might be interested to know that Dave Sharps is our District Superintendent, and JK Warrick was the General Superintendent for this Assembly. Both of those men, I enjoyed hearing from. They gave wonderful reports on what the Nazarene Church is doing as a whole, and great vision for where the church is headed on a local and global level. The messages they gave were challenging to me, in my faith. And I am so glad I had the opportunity to hear from them.

Jaxen went with us, and the earliest he went to sleep at night was 11pm. This kid would not sleep! I guess he had too much fun playing in the hotel room. He went to childcare each morning and then after lunch I skipped out and took him back to the Hotel for a nap. Then he was back in childcare for the evenings. It was a pretty rough schedule on him - but overall, he did really great. I had a friend back in Watertown agree to keep Jaxen Friday night and Saturday until we got home (because they did not offer childcare on Saturday). So Friday afternoon, I sent Jaxen home with people who were leaving Assembly and they met up with Becky. Becky and her family kept Jaxen for us - which freed us up to go out after service Friday night with our church group, participate in a service project on Saturday and then attend a few more meetings! We were home by 5:30 Saturday afternoon - but were so tired! District Assembly is a tiring couple of days!

It was fun. And it was nice to meet people on the Upstate New York District. We had some great food and really enjoyed the area of Rochester that we were in!

All in all, I only have 3 pictures for you. Boring, I know. But there is not really that many exciting things to take pictures of at District Assembly! So here are my three…

Picture before we started the service project
Leah (Michelle and Michah’s daughter), then Michelle, Nik, Micah and me in front!
Michelle is the part-time Youth Pastor here at the church. 
Nik and her are now working together in the Youth Department.

I sent this picture to Nik one afternoon while Jaxen was taking his nap.
Those eyelashes.

 And this is a picture Becky texted me on Saturday.
Jim was taking Jaxen for a ride on the 4-wheeler!
Notice the sweatshirts?! It was rainy and a cool. Around 50 degrees all week.

And that is all I have for you tonight. We are recovering from District Assembly! That included a long afternoon nap; I had cereal for dinner; Jaxen had an apple; Nik is watching baseball at a friends and Jaxen and I went on a long walk and to the park.

Tomorrow will be filled with laundry, cooking and planning for the week ahead.

Am I the only one who likes to plan for the week? I seem so lost and not focused at all if I don’t have the time or energy to figure out what our week looks like and what needs to happen!

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