Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Weekend Pics

These pictures are all pretty much from the garage sale this past weekend. But they are so funny! He had a great time playing outside and being in the warm weather!

That. Face.
“Was I not supposed to clean out this drawer?"

Jaxen enjoyed playing during the two days of the Garage Sale at our house!
He is sporting his new summer shoes. Love them!

He cracked me up!

He is one cool dude.

Organizing all the army toys.

Mr. Jim was helping him on the Total Gym.

So Jaxen decided to help Mr. Jim and Nik carry the chair.

Jaxen wore this helmet pretty much all morning.
He loved it.

Who knew a soccer referee flag could be so much fun!

Jaxen wanted his snack of cheese crackers in a bowl and in the box.
He would eat one out of the bowl, and then would replace them from the box!

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