Monday, May 26, 2014

Random Pictures

Update on Jaxen’s hip issue: He is still showing improvement, although yesterday he stepped off a step that was pretty big and I could tell he was in some pain. After that, I had to carry him down those  certain steps each time. But still, overall, he is doing okay!


Here are some random pictures from the past few weeks….

Jaxen and I decided to have a picnic lunch at Watertown’s Riverwalk!

He enjoyed running around and watching the river!

I finally took him for a haircut!

He sat in the chair, on a booster, like a big boy, all by himself!

This was a mess I made on my stove. I could not believe that I did that!

I was making macaroni and cheese. After I drained the macaroni - I went to pour it back in the pot and ended up spilling the macaroni out of the strainer. When it landed on the oven, it landed on my hot burner. Instantly burning everything that touched it. Bummer!

This was the finished product though, yummy!

These are just a few of the scrapes on Jaxen’s legs these days. 
Thanks to a fall last night,  he now has a goose-egg on his head to match!

Some of our favorite people, Rusty and Diane, sent Jaxen this rocking
chair last week - this was Rusty’s when he was a little boy!

A trip to Home Depot…Jaxen cannot stay off of anything motorized!

We pulled out these ugly bushes that were in our front yard.

And now the area looks pretty lonely. 
We need and will add something to the space!

Jaxen wanted to help and do what daddy was doing - 
except he wanted to use the snow shovel!

We have had lots of Memorial Day Weekend fun these past couple of days! 
I will share pics and stories later!

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