Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sunny & Warm

Today was sunny and warm!!! 


Jaxen even got to wear shorts while he played outside today.

See that rooster’s tail on his head….time for a haircut!

Then after nap time… he just played without his shorts!

I even got a sunburn on my arms!

This week, I have helped someone get ready for a Bake Sale,
a Spaghetti Supper and a Garage Sale!

The Garage Sale prep was today…so I was outside most of the day, which
I loved…but it did give me a sunburn! I can hardly believe it!


Other pics from the week:

A selfie one morning…not sure why his eyes are closed,
but I still think it is precious!

Jaxen finally started carrying his backpack (well, once anyways!).
He was pretty cute, walking to church with his bag on his back!

That is all I have for you tonight…
Have a great weekend!

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