Saturday, May 24, 2014

Jaxen Happenings This Week

This was a kind of hard, and weird week with Jaxen.

He was diagnosed with Synovitis. Don’t freak out…it is not anything bad, just something we have never heard of and it’s not a huge deal and he will be over it soon.

Synovitis is the medical term for inflammation of the synovial membrane. This membrane lines joints which possess cavities, known as synovial joints. The condition is usually painful, particularly when the joint is moved. The joint usually swells due to synovial fluid collection.

Basically, in Jaxen’s case - he has synovitis in his left hip. Which means he has some inflammation in his joints. We are giving him some pain medication and trying to keep him well rested (which he does not want to do). He should recover in about another week (typically) - although, he is already doing much better. 

Tuesday night I noticed that Jaxen was crawling around on the floor. Which was a little weird, because he never crawls anymore…but I thought it might be because he saw some babies doing it earlier in the day. I did not think much about it. Then Wednesday morning Jaxen was ‘unloading’ the kitchen drawer and when I told him it was time to put the utensils away - he just stood there, pointing at the utensils, and would not pick them up. I could tell it was not a defiant thing and I knew something was wrong. I immediately started looking at his knees (he has taken a few falls lately and bruised up his knees). I could not see anything wrong and when I poked and prodded at his legs - nothing hurt. He acted fine. So we went on with our day. At another point that morning, I noticed when he was down playing on the ground, he could not stand back up, unless he held on to something. Weird. I had Bible Study that morning and so I went a few minutes early and tried explaining to Nik that I thought something was wrong. As Nik looked at him - Jaxen acted fine. So I put him in childcare and I went on to my study. 

About 30 minutes into the study time - a childcare worker came and got me. I could tell something happened, she looked very concerned. She explained to me that when Jaxen walked, he fell over. She put him down and he took two steps and literally started falling over, sideways. That was a scary moment for me. No lie. My kid could not walk. I put him in the car, headed to the doctor’s office and called on my way. (I actually had no idea where the office was - I just started driving toward the ‘medical’ section of town). I was pretty much not going to take “no” for an answer if they could not see my child. Thankfully, they made me an appointment for one hour later. So I headed home. I could tell Jaxen did not feel good and was really confused. Again, I tried to get him to walk, and he would just fall over. 

Nik came with me to the appointment and by that time, Jaxen had started walking again, but with a limp. After the doctor saw him and did his exam, he sent us to the hospital for some blood work and x-rays. (Most people who knew about this - thought it was his ears. It was not his ears. They were clear and looked very good. Everything else checked out as well.)

So off to the hospital we went. They had to take a lot of blood from him (because thankfully, the doctor went ahead and ordered his 2 year check-up blood work to be done at the same time). Jaxen was the best ever - at the hospital. He was so still while the needle was in his arm, collecting all his blood. And he was also super still during the x-rays. I was amazed at how good he did. 

We received a call first thing Thursday with the test results and we had a checkup on Friday. 

Jaxen is doing well. He still limps a little, and still has some trouble bending down and getting back up - but each day is better and better. Like I said, we are trying to keep him rested (but he is very active right now!) and on some pain medicine, only when we think he needs it.


Through the blood work, we learned that he is Vitamin D deficient. Really, that is not a surprise. He is not out in the sun much here, since we moved. It is a common problem in this area. But we have started him on a Vitamin D gummy every day. 


We have officially started the process of getting Jaxen into speech therapy. More about that later - but it is time. And we feel good about this.

I think that is all the Jaxen updates. 

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  1. Poor baby. How scary that had to have been. So glad he is doing better and should be healed up real soon.