Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Unexpected Time Off

Well, the cold finally came our way - and it is cold here! Not nearly as cold as the other 1/3 of the United States...but cold for central Texas.

Because of the cold and ice (in other areas of Texas) we have been having 'rolling blackouts'. Which means, at any given time, our electricity can go out for 15 min to an hour. Then come back on. Annoying. But apparently necessary.

After the 3rd blackout at work today, we were sent home around 11am. It is so fun to have an unexpected afternoon off! Nik came home around 12pm and we got to spend the whole afternoon and night together. Night church was cancelled also, because of the blackouts and the cold. (People in central Texas do not like the cold, do not know how to function in the cold, and will not get out in it unless necessary - so, church was cancelled tonight).

So, our afternoon off was spent together. It was a much needed time of fun - hanging out, eating lunch, talking, watching House and playing 3 games of Hand and Foot! What a great afternoon! We grilled burgers and then I talked Nik into driving me to get a fountain soda. (I have been craving a fountain soda for days now and it was wonderful!) Guess what we are doing now? Nik is laying on the couch watching/listening to Biggest Loser while playing on his IPhone. I am obviously typing this blog sitting next to my cutie husband while....a chocolate cake is in the oven! .

Yum - Chocolate Cake! Who makes chocolate cake at 9pm? Apparently me (but only because I can stay up late tonight because I don't go into work until 10am tomorrow). And also, one of Nik's favorite past times is to eat unhealthy sweets while watching Biggest Loser. Seriously. I don't think he can watch this show with out cake, brownies, ice cream oreos or a blizzard in his hand!

Well I better go frost my cake, eat a (small) piece, cuddle with my cutie husband and watch the movie, Secretariat. I have heard good things about the movie.

I have had the best day today with my unexpected time off!


  1. I am glad to hear you enjoyed your afternoon off. Sounds like you two had fun! I can not believe how cold it has gotten here. I have been laying on my couch all curled up with a blanket trying to stay warm.

  2. oh yea I forgot to mention I guess I should be happy, my family got 23.5 inches of snow. WOW!

  3. That is a lot of snow! I think it would be fun to have that much snow every now and then!