Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beard or No Beard?

I thought it would be fun to see what people think of Nik's facial hair - Beard or No Beard? That is the question. While Nik was growing out his beard, he received a lot of nicknames (example: The Bearded One and Moses - the two most common). Since he has shaved his beard we both are getting lots of comments (some for the beard, some against)! What do you think?

This is Nik with (short) Beard:

And here are pics of Nik with no Beard. And I say pics because Nik is not the most excited person about having his picture taken. So - I tried to be sneaky. It didn't work.

First shot:

 Second shot - I love the look of concentration on his face for the pizza cutting!

Third shot - lauging at me and asking what I am doing:

Fourth and final shot - This is his "I'm serious - stop taking pictures of me!" face:
Let's just say that I gave up getting a really good front picture of Nik with no beard. This is as good as it gets!

So - Beard or No Beard? Please feel free to comment - I will give the results to Nik to let him know of his Blog support. I know he will be so excited. Just look at that last picture again...! Ha!


  1. I like the no beard. He looks younger and better with out it.

  2. I like the no beard, too. RiLeigh commented that the beard makes Nik look really, really old! Taunya

  3. Ha! Tell Rileigh that I am definately telling Nik she thinks he looks old with a beard!