Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Too Busy to Post...almost!

Things around here have been very hectic lately. It's not just one thing in particular, but a bunch of things all seem to be happening the same week. Anyone else ever get like that? I almost thought I was too busy to post - but this is a way to recap our days - so, here are some highlights of my week:

Friday: We helped a lady move from one house to another house less than a mile away. She had the largest Uhaul truck and we packed it FULL with only boxes and little furniture (end tables, dining room chairs, etc.). No big furniture. It was crazy how much stuff she had. I did get a good workout from it, though.

Saturday: Spent the day at Upward. Then drove to Georgetown to pick up some stuff that was needed later on this week. We met up with one of Nik's friends (who is also a youth pastor) and his wife, for dinner. We stayed out too late talking and eating yogurt. After we got home, I had to finish a picture slide show for the upcoming Upward Celebration. It was done by 12:30 am and then I was finally off to bed!

Nik, at Upward, as a ref, and setting up a video to be played during halftime:

Sunday: I made apple dumplings for breakfast for my Sunday School Class. Yum. (If you want the recipe, let me know.) After church, I helped Nik get packed and ready to go to a Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. That evening and night I worked for 5 solid hours (with the help of a friend) painting and stamping 24 frames for our Upward gift to the coaches. We are still not done, but this friend volunteered to spend her time this week finishing them for me! (She is my favorite friend this week.)

This is how my kitchen looked Sunday night when I finally made it home. So what did I do? NOTHING. I went straight to bed. Seriously. Don't judge me. I was tired!

Monday: During my lunch break I came home to tackle my mess of a house....and try to clean off my hands from my previous day of crafting...it did not work. What in the world takes off ink from a stamp pad?

I know the above is a kinda creepy, weird picture of my hand. But seriously. THE INK WOULD NOT COME OFF! By the way, do you see the 'r' under my thumb? There is also an 'n' on the other side of my arm....I don't know how I do it! I've always been a little messy.

I obviously need to wrap up this post. I think (from the terrible pictures you are seeing of my dirty house and creepy hand) that this post is going downhill. Fast.

So - Monday night and tonight I cleaned other people homes after work. Apparently, I should spend a little more time on mine! This week I also have an eye appointment, a haircut (ya!), Upwards Ceremony, the last Saturday of Upward, CPR (Coaches, Parents, and  Referees) Basketball Game, and tickets to see the comedian, Tim Hawkins.

Maybe I will take better pics this week / weekend and post them. If anyone is still around to read my blog after this horrible post.

It's obviously past my bedtime. And I apparently feel the need to tell you every detail of my life (since Nik is out of town and he usually gets all the details). Lucky you!

Hope the rest of your week goes well!


  1. I just want to say I love reading your post, I think they are cute and they make me laugh (in a good way of course).

  2. Ha! Good to know you can laugh at me on the volleyball court and through my posts (in a good way...)! :)