Monday, May 2, 2016

Zane - Week Three

Zane is three weeks old today! Here are a few things I want to remember at week three…

* He eats all the time! I am nursing him about 10 times a day - on average, every 2-2 1/2 hours. He does not eat super long when he does eat…but it takes us a long time overall, because he keeps falling asleep! I burp him and change his diaper and undress him and do everything I can to keep him awake.

* In the late evenings, he does what I call “cluster feedings”. For about 2 hours he is eating, eating, eating. Won’t sleep. Just eats and cries. I have a solution to that…I’m going to start bottle feeding (with pumped breast milk) during that time. It is just too hard to nurse when he gets to that point!

* Speaking of bottle feeding - we tried a bottle for the first time today! He took it like a champ and downed 2 full ounces in no time flat! I am on some medication right now that is requiring me to pump and dump (just during a 4 hour period) so that is why we started bottle feeding a little earlier than I planned. But now that I know he takes it so well - I’m hoping to use that bottle at his fussy time during the night and maybe he will get full quicker and go to sleep better.

* Zane sleeps really good during the day. After most feedings, he is awake for a little bit and then naps. A few times he does not stay awake for long and goes right to sleep. I’m working on keeping him awake more in the evenings so he will sleep better at night. The night time sleep is going pretty good. He will sleep about 3 hours before waking to eat and normally goes back to sleep fairly easy. He is a noisy sleeper though (he has some gas issues and is really congested right now) so I don’t sleep very well. But I’m starting to get used to his noises and can usually get about 2 hours of sleep in between feedings. I am trying to nap once a day. Most days I can get in 1 hour. On the days I don’t nap…I am a zombie. That is where Nik steps in - He has been great!

* Zane has officially outgrown all newborn clothes and is wearing 3 month clothes right now. He is such a big boy! I am having to be creative with his 3 month clothing (because most of it is “summer clothes”) and it is still pretty cool here right now. I have been picking up some “winter” 3 month clothes as I find it on clearance.

* He is loving taking baths! We bathe him about every 3 days. And then oil/lotion him up. His skin is pretty dry right now.

* He is used to his bouncing seat and enjoys it…sometimes even falling asleep in it!

* He still sleeps in our room at night (and will continue to while I’m feeding him multiple times a night). And a few times I will let him nap on his tummy. He tends to sleep really well on his tummy. I have not done it at night yet, though.

* This kid is a tooter. Seriously. I can’t even tell you how much gas this kid has. He is not a great ‘burper' - so as long as he is tooting, we call it good. Haha!

* He (thankfully) can sleep through the tornado which is called Jaxen. We are trying to get Jaxen to leave him alone (especially when he sleeps) but it only works sometimes. Jaxen is loud and loves to touch and kiss and sing to Baby Zane. And Jaxen actually held him a few times this week! Which I love, but he is also becoming braver with Zane - trying to move him and pick him up. I really try to never leave them two unattended. Jaxen is learning and we are trying to be patient :)


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  1. Oh Sister! He is too adorable! So, I noticed that you are trying a few things to keep him awake during feedings. I had this problem with Brennen. I used to have to thump the bottom of his little bare feet to keep waking him. Try that. It makes them a little mad (or is a weird sensation) but it did work for us. I love you guys!