Monday, May 23, 2016

Life Lately

Life lately has been very full. 
And a bit stressful. And tiring!

I did a lot of packing while family was here, 
and am continuing to do so…although it has slowed down quite a bit! 

The attic - all packed up!

Jaxen even got in on the action -
helping me by cutting the styrofoam as it went around breakables.
His idea (the cutting) not mine!
But it kept him busy for awhile :)

And Zane even napped while Nik and I organized the garage!

Everyday I am trying to do something towards our move. 
Even if it’s little. We are getting there. Slow and steady.

Our life lately has also been NYI Convention.
Nik was in charge of this two-day convention for our district this past weekend.
I was in charge of feeding them lunch on Saturday.
We planned for 50 and had 75 show up!
I was grateful for two amazing helpers and lunch was a success!
As was the convention.
Busy weekend.

Two Sunday's ago was Bike Sunday. 
I could not pass up this cute photo op!

The weather was terrible that day and the actual bike ride was cancelled. Bummer.

The weather has been so nice lately! 
It's great. Except that we want to be out in it, instead of packing at home! Haha. 

This boy is loving the warmer weather!
Bubbles for the win.

I am trying to get Jaxen out in the nice weather - 
for a walk, or the playground…or running errands!

And if I can’t entertain him outside…
I try to do so inside.
Friday night = shower night.
And yes, I got one box packed while Jaxen showered and Zane was entertained by it!

The rest of my life lately has involved doctor visits (three last week). I have had some issues with my right hand - which most recently turned into an infection. Which was terrible. Imagine the palm of my hand infected and my entire hand swollen and with heat (so much so I could not use it for about 3 days). Finally, the infection is going away. I have use of my hand and am getting better each day!

Through everything going on though... This has brought me much joy...

My two boys.

They love each other something fierce (Jaxen, literally loves Zane fiercely - haha!)
But the way Zane looks at and adores Jaxen is just as sweet!

Even though life is crazy lately. We are hanging in there!
With smiles :)

And I wouldn’t trade this guy for anything!
I am so grateful to get to do this life with him.

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