Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Newborn Pics

The weekend after Zane was born - my friend offered to take some pictures for us.
I’m so glad she did - they turned out pretty cute!

Zane is laying on Nik’s Bible - open to Psalm 139.
We have a similar picture of Jaxen.

Nik’s mom crocheted this little hat and boots for Zane.
They don’t really fit, but are super cute!

This is the “Z” that hangs in Zane’s room!

Again, we have a similar picture of Jaxen laying on this rocking chair.
This chair is super special to me, because it was my dad’s :)

Sweet, cuddly, Zane - wrapped up in a homemade blanket from his Mamaw Kay.

My sweet little boy….

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