Saturday, May 7, 2016

Pics from the Week

I had a few people talk me into this contraption.
So far - so good!
It’s nice to have him close and still have two hands free.

My little family of four :)

Jaxen still adores his little brother.
And will hold him now (sometimes).

Nik’s favorite past time - Napping with Zane.

I made it to the gym (one day) last week.
Zane stayed right next to me, sleeping while I sweated it out :)

Just look at that belly!

Jaxen cannot contain himself if Zane is in his vicinity and awake!

A little mommy and Zane selfie.

I posted this picture on Facebook, but thought I would include it here too….
Left: Zane (3 weeks, 5 days). Right: Jaxen (3 months).
Same outfit.
Too cute!

A little daddy and Zane time.

Our new favorite treat…a frosty from Wendy’s!
(with french fries)

Yesterday, Jaxen crawled in my bed with me and fell asleep.

Nik’s parents are here!
I have been terrible at taking pictures and have only taken this one.
But it is a sweet one of Russell and Zane Russell :)