Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday

Here is a 3-day recap for y’all!

Our church held service outside under a big tent - It was wonderful! 
I love it when we do something outside of the norm, like that. 
Everyone was excited and had a great time!

Here is the Worship Team warming up before things got started.

All the people flowed out around the tent.

This was my view…from way back with a very excited (disruptive) 2 year old!

After service, we held a baptism and baptized 7 people!
Pastor Chad and Nik were the ones ‘dunking' people (in water that was not heated…cold)!

After service, they grilled food, had son-cones and cotton candy,
and even had these great inflatables set up!

Jaxen enjoyed the little bounce house.

He was telling Nik about all the fun he was having!

After awhile in the bounce house, I took him to the “pool” part of the big slide.
He was too small for the slide, but enjoyed the splashes from everyone else as they came down!

He was soaked when we got home. So I took off all his clothes to
dry off and gave him a bag of cheetos - happy boy!

I took Jaxen for his 2 Year Well Check Appointment.

He is 35 1/2” tall and weighs 29.4 lbs.

Apparently I did not record what his stats were at his last checkup (weird, right?!)…
but at his 15 month checkup (September 2013) he was 32” tall and 24 lbs. 
Growing boy!

The check-up went good. All is well. No concerns.

Today we had Jaxen’s 2nd Evaluation. It went really good (which I guess is good, right?). 
He did not score low in any other development areas…which means no speech therapy for Jaxen.
That is okay.
I will continue working with him at home and he will probably
start talking in no time at all!!
I am glad we went ahead with the process, even though he does not qualify for help.
I learned some new ways to work with him. And am looking forward to seeing him progress.

Here are some random pictures to end on:

I gave Jaxen a bath in the sink this morning - look at that long crazy hair!

This is my new favorite lotion. I bought it on clearance this winter.
It is Lemon/Vanilla scent. Light, summery and fantastic!

Jaxen’s after-lunch, pre-nap entertainment:

That is all for today!

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