Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I have been in an organizing/cleaning mode all day! It started yesterday when I could not find anything I needed. I knew we had a sprayer for our hose, and another shovel, and some gloves and even some loppers....but I could not find any of it!

I was finally fed up - so this morning I started the daunting task of cleaning out our basement (which is piled with empty boxes, unopened boxes and random sorts of stuff that has not found a home) and the garage (a complete mess of stuff as well)

I was out there this morning while Jaxen played with everything I pulled out of the garage and then during his nap time I cleaned up the basement and put away most of the stuff I pulled out. I am only about 80% done....I got tired and need Nik for the rest of it. 

I finally feel like I know what we need and don't need in our home....so I'm ready to start getting rid of things that are not needed, and continue getting the things that are needed. It's a process. 

But the process has been moving along well! 

Yesterday, Jim and Becky came over to help me (really, Jim did all the work, and Becky did the planning) get my landscaping finished!

Step 1- pull out the ugly bushes (previously done)

Step 2 - I planted some plants (previously done)

Step 3 - Jim dug the plants up, replanted and added to it

With help, of course

Then the help needed a break

The front, all finished! 
(It will look better in a few days once the shock has wore off and the flowers start blooming) 
But I am very happy with the results. 

Jim also planted some flowers in a couple of planters

Just FYI, I still have to spray paint the orange planter (above) black. I ran out of paint!

He also planted a few other things around the house. It has made a huge difference to the curb appeal. Now I just have to keep it all alive!!!

All that to say... Our home is progressing and I need to keep cleaning and organizing!

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  1. Once those plants bloom - I bet it will be gorgeous! I was thinking as I read, who will keep them alive - and just as I thought it, you said it. How FUNNY! At least you get rain there; so they might have a chance