Monday, June 16, 2014

Speech Therapy 102

Last Friday Jaxen had his speech evaluation. The lady who came thought Jaxen was a very bright, fun, active little boy! To sum up the results…

For the speech test at age 2 “Normal” range is 85-115. Jaxen scored a 74.

In order to qualify for assistance a child has to score below 70…or…can score below 77 in two different areas.

He did not score lower because there are instances that he makes the same "noise or grunt" each time in a specific scenario (and with the correct intonation) that it qualifies as a word or phrase. Just because it does not sound correct to us, does not mean he is not talking. This actually happens a lot in every day scenarios. "Bye-bye Dad" "Hi" "Good" "See you later"...ect.

The evaluation done was just for his speech. So we are in the process of having another (overall) evaluation done to test other areas of development. We don’t really feel that he is lacking in any other area - but in order to receive assistance…he has to lack in one other area.

If he passes the other evaluation with flying colors then there is nothing more we can do for 6 months, at which time we can start the process over (if he has not made any improvement in his speech).

However…the lady that did his speech evaluation gave me some really great ideas on helping Jaxen with his speech on my own. So we will just continue to work on it and see what happens. He may start talking on his own soon!

One other thing she suggested was for us to have his ears checked for fluid and to have a complete hearing exam. We know Jaxen can hear…her concern is that maybe he is not hearing well enough (because of fluid or something else) to repeat the sounds correctly. She said a lot of times when a child talks “gibberish” it is because that is what they hear. Mumbled sounds. Makes sense. We have an appointment scheduled later this month and so we will bring that to the doctor’s attention.

So I think that is the update. For now! 

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