Sunday, June 22, 2014

Jaxen’s Sleepovers

While we were away Jaxen had a few sleepovers!

This was something I have never done before…but I left Jaxen for 4 days with 3 different people. Scary! But all went well. And while we were gone, I received updates and pictures from those keeping him. I enjoyed seeing him while I was gone (so thankful for those smart phones) and thought you might want a glimpse into the great time he had while we were away!

Aaron, sharing his toys and playing with Jaxen!

Jenny took a stroller in case Jaxen got sleepy, 
but Aaron was the one who passed out in it! Ha ha!

Junior enjoyed helping with Jaxen - he carried him to the car….

And then helped buckle him in!

Two of the nights, they took Jaxen for swim time!

One day, he went with Danielle and helped out with some VBS prep.

The last night, he stayed with Becky. Harley (their dog) slept right next to Jaxen.

Marcus is Jaxen’s buddy!

Getting back into the normal routine is always an adjustment. He woke up and stayed awake for about 3 hours the first night back….he was a tired little boy the following day!

We were busy setting up stuff for an outside service in the morning...

and then in the afternoon I spent time baking 8 dozen cookies!

He had a great time while we were gone. I received good reports from everyone. I am so grateful for the people here who stepped up, helped us out and loved on Jaxen as if he were their own!

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