Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Random Pictures From The Past Few Weeks

I think I’ve mentioned this before…but Jaxen loves to look at himself in the reflection of the stove. On this day, he was talking (and pointing) to himself. Makes me laugh when I see this! Oh, and don’t forget to notice the bed head…!

Jaxen will randomly lay down on the floor. This means he wants to be tickled and “got”! Well, the other day, Nik laid down on the floor…so then Jaxen laid down next to him.

 Jaxen realized that Nik wasn’t going to “get” him - so he got up and “got” Nik!

 Then laid down next to him, again.

Then “got” him, again….!

Jaxen was chllin’ under the tree with Ciersyn (one of the pastor’s daughters) one Saturday afternoon.

Playing in the car…one of Jaxen’s very favorite things to do!

We have been attending a Small Group - and we meet at a house that sits on the Lake. So pretty. This was the view of all the kids playing from the evening of our last meeting.

Nik played in a Golf Tournament a few weeks ago - and his team won 1st place!!!

This is a picture of one of our favorite families…The Chandlers (Jim, Becky, Marcus, Madison and of course, Jaxen. Missing Matthew in the picture). Jaxen loves this family and these boys…they have so much fun together!

Nik and I are away this week at a Pastor and Church Leadership Conference…in Boston! How fun, right? More on that later!

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