Wednesday, June 11, 2014

On the Eve of TWO

One of the (very few) memories I have on the eve before Jaxen was born - is this:

I mean… who comes to visit a pregnant lady, while in labor?! 
Let alone…make them laugh so hard they think they might go into labor?! 
That would be Jerome.

I don’t really know why I shared the above…I guess it’s because that’s what I remember the night before Jaxen was born! Isn’t that funny?! I know I should remember more…and I probably do if I think about it for more than a few seconds, but that is just a good memory!

On the eve of Jaxen turning TWO - I now have some other really great memories. When we got home from church, Jaxen wanted me to hold him. So I changed him into his jammies and settled in for a cuddle session. These cuddle sessions usually last 2 minutes. Tops. But tonight it lasted about 30 minutes! I could not believe it! I think God was showering down some blessings on me tonight to receive such great cuddles and loves from my sweet, precious boy on the eve of him turning TWO.

After awhile, I pulled out my phone to document this wonderful occasion! And below are only about 1/2 of the selfies we took. 

Good moments, for sure. And then he was off to bed! Earlier than normal…which makes me a tad nervous he will wake earlier than normal!

I have a little party planned for him tomorrow. I invited a few of the kids he plays with at church over for a pizza and cupcake lunch celebration. My plans are to decorate outside with a few balloons, do some birthday chalk art on the driveway (and have everyone add to it), play with bubbles and have fun playing outside until we come in for pizza, cupcakes and gifts. 

That’s the plan…currently, it is 64 degrees and raining. It has been about that temp and raining all day. Which I loved…but I hope it does not continue tomorrow. If it does, we will make the best of it! 

Nik is currently putting together gifts. And I just have a few things to finish up before bed….


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