Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend Photos

This week has been interesting. I know it is only Tuesday...but really, I'm ready for this week to be over. 

There is just something about weekends that I love. Especially since I am off on Mondays now. It makes the weekend longer, and therefore, more fun!

Last night I cooked Baja Tacos. One of our favorite meals. And I asked my favorite neighbor to make his amazing queso dip. So put those two really great things together and you have one fabulous meal! We even ate leftover queso on baked potatoes tonight! And I'm still thinking of how I can incorporate queso into a meal for tomorrow.... it is that good! And I have just really been craving it!

Enough about the queso...

Here are a few photos from our weekend - 

Actually, this photo is not from our weekend, but I still want to include it.
It's Jaxen's new back pack! Isn't it great? I just love it!

Pure relaxation. 
Arms over head, feet crossed and belly poking out!

Jaxen is not always sure of what to think about his friend, Mr. Alan.
Most of the times he just stares at him while Alan makes funny faces!

Jaxen is obsessed with hiding right now!

And "organizing" my cabinets.

And this was after church on Sunday.
Tired little boy could not get through his lunch without a quick nap!

It's almost Wednesday....

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