Thursday, September 19, 2013

Jaxen - 15 Month Check-Up

Monday I took Jaxen to the doctor for his 15 month Well-Check appointment.

His weight is currently 24 pounds. His height is 32 inches. His weight is staying pretty steady but he is getting taller!

I'm glad we had an already scheduled appointment today because Jaxen still has a cough and runny nose that is hanging around (we took him to the doctor last week and he had a cold). Dr. K examined him and his lungs were still clear although he has a little infection in his right ear. So we will have him on antibiotics for 10 days.

We discussed Jaxens allergy to egg. Dr. K recommended we go ahead and see an allergist since he is still having reaction to egg, even as an ingredient. So we will make that appointment soon.

Jaxen has also been having some constipation problems. So we went over what we need to do to help correct that issue.

Fun appointment, huh?  And I'm sure nobody but the grandparents really want to read about my sons bathroom I apologize. But this is good documentation for me too. That way, when Jaxen is 15 and asks what he was like at 15 months, I can look back and tell him he was constipated -  ha ha!

And the last thing we discussed (besides other normal well-check discussions) was his speech. Or really, the lack-there-of. Jaxen should be saying complete words by now (not just syllables like mama or dada). And he does not. I knew he should be starting to talk soon - but he just hasn't yet. So we are going to make an appointment to have a speech evaluation done. If they think Jaxen needs a little extra help in the speech department then we will start speech therapy. But if they don't think so - then we will just give him a little more time. In most cases, kids this age who are not talking yet just need a little help. And once they start talking they catch up in no time and have no delays later on. So we are playing it safe and would rather help his speech now (if they think it will help) rather than later. That appointment will probably not be for a couple weeks but I'll keep you updated.

And then he got 3 shots. And he was not happy about that!

All things considered, Jaxen is doing well. He is a healthy, growing boy and the doctor was really pretty pleased with where he was overall.

And I have to say....this age is the best. He is so fun. I have enjoyed most ages (6-9 months being my least favorite, I think) but right now he is a hoot! He cracks me up all the time with things that he is doing and learning. I enjoy playing with him, running errands with him, sharing meals, watching movies. Basically, everything we do together, I enjoy!

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