Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Moments

  • What is not fun - Nik being sick 3 weekends ago, Jaxen being sick 2 weekends ago and me being sick this weekend!

What is fun - my friend giving me her special 'cocktail' of medicines to make me feel better!

  • What is not fun - Jaxen not sleeping through the night keeping us all up!

What is fun - afternoons spent laying around, watching TV and taking naps!

  • What is not fun - Jaxen throwing tantrums in the middle of a mall because he is tired and did not sleep the night before. Everyone staring at me. And me not knowing what to do as I carry a screaming, kicking child in one arm, bags in the other, while pushing a stroller to meet Nik. 

What is fun - a husband who takes care of everything when I'm a little overwhelmed and emotional because I don't feel good and did not get any sleep the night before.

  • What is not fun - driving in traffic. 

What is fun - the Container Store!

  • What is not fun - the heat and humidity in the middle of September.

What is fun - playing tennis with the person who taught me to play many years ago. She still beat me, but it was close!

  • What is not fun - not taking a single picture.

What is fun - time spend with the best of friends. And although there were some not fun moments the last few days...I can definitely say there were more fun one than not fun ones! Thanks Chris and Kylee for this past weekend. We had a great time!

And currently....

  • What is not fun - Jaxen getting 3 shots at the doctors today and a messy house.

What is fun - a sleeping baby, the water sprinkler on, the dishwasher going, the washer and dryer running, and my house finally getting back together the way it should be!

More to come on Jaxens 15 month checkup......

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