Thursday, September 5, 2013


So day 2 of Mothers Day Out produced tears. From Jaxen. Sad. But it was okay. I was expecting it. They warn you in advance that it will probably happen.

Before we left home this morning, this is how I found Jaxen:

He was up at 7:15 and in a great mood! He played and ate breakfast and got dressed and while I finished getting myself ready, this was how he entertained himself - in the closet! It is now a favorite place to play since we have basically restricted him from our bathroom cabinets!

I asked him if he was ready to go to school and he climbed out of the suitcase and started running out of the closet and headed to the door. I stood there talking to Nik for a minute and Jaxen came running back to me and looking at me as if he was saying "Come on, mom - you said it was time to go!" I laughed and headed that way.

We were a little early leaving, but since he was in such a good mood and anxious to leave - we left. I made a short stop at Starbucks on the way, to kill some time and get a little treat for myself! I love Starbucks tea...but I think we all know my deep love for Bush's Tea (half of which consists of my love for the price of it!). But, I had a gift card from a sweet lady that I did some extra work, at my job, for. So it was definetely a treat to get a tea from Starbucks this morning. As I drove away, I could not help but think of the amount of tea I could have gotten for the price of this tea! I know, it's's just the way my (frugal) mind works! But I enjoyed my little treat very much!

And Jaxen's day ended on a good note. He was so happy when I picked him up and I got a good report from his teachers! But he is one tired boy now. He napped there for an hour and a half (they actually had to wake him up) and has not napped at all this afternoon. So I think it will be an early night for him! Good night, everyone!

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  1. It must be really tiring to be the CUTEST KID at Mother's Day Out!