Friday, August 9, 2013

Our Life

Jaxen and I are so happy to have Nik home this week! Even when Nik is gone only a couple of days...we really feel it. Monday, Nik could not go anywhere that Jaxen was not following him. Even when Nik went to the bathroom, Jaxen followed and cried at the door until Nik came out. It was pretty sweet.

After having Jaxen to myself for 3 days, I kind of enjoyed the fact that Jaxen wanted his dad! I even had to laugh out loud on Monday to this sight...

Nik was trying to pay bills and take care of some stuff online - but Jaxen would not let Nik set him down. So, Nik just worked with/through/around Jaxen. It made me laugh! I had no sympathy for Nik - Ha!


By the way - I took Jaxen to the dentist Monday morning! His first time. He did great! He was very still during the x-rays. His teeth look good. They brushed them and put some vitamins on them, and then we were done. We go back in 6 months.

While we were there, they weighed him. He weighs 24.2 pounds. He has not gained much weight, but he is getting taller. Over the weekend, I noticed how most of his shirts no longer fit him. They are too small in the shoulders and too short. So yesterday I went out and bought him a few new shirts.

Wednesday, I decided to take Jaxen to the splash pad in town. I have seen kids play at these parks and have the greatest time. I knew Jaxen would have so much fun. I actually have been feeling guilty that I have not taken him prior. So I loaded him up and off we went. I was so excited!
We got there and Jaxen would not play in the water! He just kept staring at it. I finally got him close enough to get wet and he did not enjoy it so much. So we spent time walking around it. I was thinking he would warm up to the idea.
He didn't! So we went to the park instead, and played! At least I don't have to feel guilty anymore for depriving him of this fun place - ha!


One last story to leave you with today....

On my way to work this morning, I realized I forgot to put on my deodorant! Normally every morning, in the car, before I pull out of the garage... I smell my armpits. Yes I do. Seriously. It's just something I do....I guess to make sure I remembered my deodorant. I think this started when I first went back to work after having Jaxen. It was like once I sat in my car I finally had a minute of downtime. I would look at myself and make sure my hair was combed, that I put on mascara, had the proper work shoes/clothes on and that I remembered the deodorant. My brain was so scattered it was like a last minute check list. I don't check myself over that closely anymore...but for some reason, I still smell my arm pits.

I didn't do it this morning - and half way to work I realized I forgot to put on deodorant!!! So I stopped at the grocery store on the way to work and bought some. And you know that the checker-outer person just knew I was not wearing deodorant. Seriously, when that is your only purchase at a grocery store at 7:45am?! Yeah, he knew. Oh well. At least I don't stink!


Okay. One more thing. Long post, I know. I'm making up for my lack of blogging. And don't count on it getting better anytime soon. We have a super busy weekend and I still have yet to have a date night with my cutie husband. And we need one. Just saying.

But on with my last thing...

Nik sent me the following pictures at work this morning and I thought they were blogworthy!

Jaxen woke up really early this morning, so Nik got him and laid on the couch with him. Apparently he was pretty comfy!


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  1. Oh my gosh - how cute! I miss you guys! I LOVE that you smell your arm pits! At least, you smell them before they get all sweaty! I forgot the other day to put on deodorant. I don't know what I was thinking about - but unlike you, I don't smell my armpits and I didn't realize it until I was already sweating!!! Maybe I will take a tip - Ha Ha