Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Happenings

Nik is sick. (Ha - that rhymes!). Very sick. It started yesterday morning when he woke up with a little of a sore throat...and by bedtime it had hit him hard. Today he is in one of two places - the couch or bed. And doing very little in between the two. He has been resting most of the day today, recovering from a bad night of very little sleep.

I went to work for about 2 hours this morning and then came home to handle Jaxen (so Nik did not have to). After Jaxen went down for his afternoon nap, I went back to work for a few more hours. I am now done with work and focusing on taking care of my two boys.

I have to admit....last night when Nik told me he did not feel good I was upset. I was mad because this was our first free weekend in forever and I had big plans. To do stuff and have fun and relax. I admitted to Nik my selfish thoughts (please don't tell me I'm the only one who has those thoughts) and I think I made him feel bad. I know it's not his fault for being sick, and he can't help it, and would probably love to feel better...but they were still my thoughts.

Since then....I'm kind of loving this low-key day at home with my two cutie-pies (even if one is sick). I'm trying to take good care of Nik and spend some good quality time with Jaxen. I am so grateful that I can be at home to let Nik rest and to take care of Jaxen. Many people would have to suffer through sickness and carry on with life with little to no help. This 'free' weekend is a blessing!

And you know what I have been working on today? Cleaning out Jaxen's closet. (Isn't that what everyone does when they are stuck at home for a weekend?!) It needed it so bad. In one more week Jaxen starts Mothers Day Out. Even though it is not really "school" and it is only twice a week - In my mind the "school or fall" season kind of starts then. So I took out every piece of clothing / baby towel / baby blanket that no longer fits Jaxen or that we do not use and did one of three things: packed up for another use, put it in a sell/give-a-way box or tossed it in the trash. I then went through boxes of clothes that had been given to Jaxen that I have set aside because they were winter or too big for him and updated his clothes with the new ones. His drawer is now full of clothes that fit (or will fit soon)! It is a good feeling to have that accomplished!

Now that job is done...I'm itching for fall. Of course, it is still in the high 90's here and no sign of fall at all, but that will probably not stop me. I'm ready to go through my closet and pull out my fall/winter clothes, and get out the few fall decorations I have, and bake something fall-ish!

Are you ready for fall, or are you hanging on to the last little bit of summer?

Yesterday Jaxen hung on to every bit of summer....

Jaxen is now awake and both my boys are hungry...Dinner calls. I have to keep these boys well fed! Happy Friday!

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