Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Favorite Activities

Jaxens favorite activities right now include:

Golfing! Well, actually, just playing with the golf clubs. He throws the balls and then uses the clubs as drum sticks. Of course.

Sweeping! Anytime I sweep (inside or out) Jaxen thinks that he has to as well. What he really does is just mess up the pile I have already swept! But that is okay. It's never too early to start learning some chores, right?!

Rocking! He loves to sit in his rocker and rock. Then get down. Repeat. So much entertainment from this chair that was given to me by a sweet co-worker!

Sleeping! I don't really know if this is a favorite activity of Jaxens or a favorite activity of mine... I'll just include it and say it is both!


Tonight Nik is at church for the last night of Revival Services. We have had an incredible speaker  and the services have been really good and challenging. I am at home with Jaxen (who is sleeping) because it was just that kind of night... Grumpy, tired, would not eat dinner and to top it all off - he has the worst diaper rash he has had in a long time. While I was changing his diaper at the church he just started screaming because it hurt so bad. Poor baby. I'm not going to leave him in the nursery when he is hurting that bad. So we came home. It took a long time to calm him down but I finally did and now he is sleeping. It's too late for a nap, and too early for bedtime so we will see what the night holds for us.

I am glad to have some time at home. There are many things that need my attention (since we have been gone every night this week) but mostly, I'm glad to be home and take care of Jaxen. Sometimes he just needs his momma and his home!

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  1. Very TRUE! Sometimes there is nothing better in the world than that!