Sunday, August 25, 2013

Nik is Better

Nik is doing better! He ended up having a fever most of the weekend and it finally broke last night. He stayed home today to finish recouping. He has no energy, but is not nearly as sick as he was. I think a few more days and he will fell like himself again!

While he was sick (and quarantined to our bedroom) I got a lot accomplished! First, I took care of Jaxen (which is a task in itself!), but during his nap on Saturday I made a fall wreath. I told you I was in a "Fall" mood. I got out the few of my fall decorations and then Jaxen and I went shopping Saturday morning. Actually, we didn't shop much. Just looked. I was looking for a fall, they are expensive! I could not even find one that I liked that was not at least $50. So I hopped on Pinterest and found one I liked, bought the stuff and made it!

My original pin from Pinterest:

And my wreath:

And this wreath was less than $13! I'm not very 'crafty' so I was pretty proud of my wreath! It is now hanging and looking like fall (in our house at least). Come on, Fall, get here soon!!!

And I cleaned out my spices cabinet:

This cabinet was a mess! And have you ever looked at the expiration date on your spices? Just sayin' might want to.

I think those were all the 'projects' I did...Oh, I almost painted my dining room last night. Had I had a bit more energy, it would have been done. That's what I do when Nik is quarantined or out of town - I change everything. 

I am now washing sheets and disinfecting everything from "The Infector" (my pet nickname for Nik the last few days - Ha!). Nik and Jaxen are spending some time together eating goldfish on the couch. They are each very happy to have the other back!

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