Monday, August 5, 2013

Mission Trip 2013 - Part 2

Here is part 2 of our mission trip....

Monday was our free day. So we headed to the beach!

We had a great day of playing and relaxing in the sun!

Tuesday - Friday looked a lot alike from 8am-3pm. We all worked, helping them with thier KidSanity. Which is basically, their form of Vacation Bible School. Some of our teens helped in music, crafts, cooking, sports and some were even team leaders. They did such an amazing job of helping, no complaining and having fun with the 60 kids that were there!

Tuesday night we had the opportunity to hear from one of the church members - she shared with the teens her story. It was one of privilege, money, opportunities, family....abuse, selfishness, loneliness, homelessness, redemption, grace... it was an amazing story of how God had worked in her life. She is a beautiful person with a beautiful family who all love the Lord and serve Him each and everyday. Our teens really connected with her and her story. It was amazing to see how they listened and took in everything she had to say.

Wednesday night we had a pool party and grilled out hamburgers. They had a blast cooling off in the water. I tell was so hot there!

Thursday night we had a service with just our group. We talked about the week and what kind of impact the things we did had on each one of us. We discussed that even though we were all still very much in our comfort zone (nice hotel, three hot meals each day...etc) - how God could use us to minister and help others.

Friday we headed home in the most comfortable 15 passenger van. And to make things even better, I got car sick. I never actually threw up, but there was a point when I was looking to see where I could throw up. I had decided to lean over another sponsor and throw up on the step by the doors if Nik could not stop in time. It seemed to be (in that moment) the best place to puke. Sorry, that is gross. I know. However, it never came to be. We turned on the air conditioning as high as we could, with every vent pointed my way and I stared out the front window into the horizon for a long time, until most of the feelings had past.

We made it home safely, by 8pm.

It was such a wonderful trip. Nik did an amazing job working with Northpoint and planning everything out. I'm so glad Jaxen and I were able to be a part of this mission trip!

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