Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Freedom Picnic

Sunday afternoon our church had their annual 4th of July Freedom Picnic. It is so much fun every year! We gather together on a beautiful piece of land on the outskirts of town; they cook brisket and sausage; everyone brings sides and desserts to share; we eat, visit and play games; and we normally stay until sundown!
I did not get any great pictures this year of the event (as a whole)...because I was chasing a 1 year old... but I did get some cute pictures of Jaxen!
Jaxen, staying hydrated in the heat!

Jaxen and his (girl) friend, Evie

Pretty cute, huh?
I did get one picture of some people at the tables visiting

There was so much for Jaxen to check out -
It was hard keeping up with him!

Jaxen and another (girl) friend, Sophie

I've got to keep an eye on him and his friends!


  1. In the words of Brennen.....He looks like a CHIC MAGNET

  2. He is definitely a CHic Magnet. Very Handsome kiddo!!!! - Lisa