Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Before we start receiving phone calls from the grandparents - I thought I would post some pictures of Jaxen. I know it has been awhile.

Jaxen was playing in his room, sitting on his stool...
which was super cute!

The other night Nik and Jaxen were playing with Nik's hat...

I caught Nik and Jaxen playing on Sunday afternoon (hence Nik's dress socks).
Nik was throwing the ball against our kitchen island and catching it.
Then he would hand the ball to Jaxen and he would try to do the same thing.
It was pretty funny!

Jaxen passed out the other morning.
He was sleeping so peacefully.

Last night Jaxen grabbed my pots and carried them in the living room.
He then put them and himself on the couch, with a travel shampoo bottle 
(note to self: need to finish unpacking!) and started drumming away!

Okay grandparents...hope your happy to see pics of this little boy, finally!

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