Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Last Week

This post was written on Friday, but I forgot to post it - Ha! 


The last week has really been a good week. Jaxen was getting over being sick; we had company come into town; we had a block party at a local apartment community; we celebrated my birthday and now we are getting ready for a big rummage sale fundraiser at our church this weekend.

Instead of going into major details... here are a few pictures for you!

Jaxen, in the bathtub last week. He still loves baths!

You can tell that he did not feel good.

Some days they are short baths, but other days we let him play for 30-45 min!

Someone finally had pity on our lack of landscaping...
and it is so pretty now!

We even have lily's that have bloomed!

We had a great time hosting a party for an apartment community near our church.
It is always good to get to know new neighbors!

Bebe and Pepaw came down for a visit!
They arrived last Saturday and left this morning.

I am so glad they got to come and spend time with us!
They enjoyed Jaxen and he enjoyed having new people to play with and take care of him!

On Wednesday, my grandmother came down to stay the night!
We had a full house, but it was so fun that everyone was here on my birthday!

I think it is so great that Jaxen gets to spend time with his great-grandmother.

Jaxen received this swing for his birthday and we
have been having fun with it!

Thursday I had a great day of celebrating my birthday!
We all went to lunch together at one of my favorite local places.

That evening we had some friends over and had cake and ice cream.

At one point that evening, Jaxen and Emilie were watching
The Lorax and Jaxen sat himself down on the drum. He stayed that way a few minutes.
Too cute!

Much more happened over the past week (including beating Scotty at WaHoo)...but that is a nice (short) picture recap!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!

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