Thursday, July 4, 2013

This & That

Happy Independence Day, everyone! I hope you are having a fun day celebrating.

We are pretty low key here today. Nik is out playing Disc Golf, Jaxen is napping and I'm in-between trying to be productive and just sitting on the couch, watching TV! We played outside in the water earlier today - but tonight we have no plans. It's a little sad because we normally get together with a group of people to watch fireworks...but half the group is out of town and the other half is sick. So... we will just see what tonight brings. I'm honestly okay staying inside and catching up on some rest and family time. But if something spontaneous comes up, I know we are in!


Monday I scheduled an appointment with the dentist because I had been having really bad pain in the area where my left wisdom teeth were taken out. Come to find out, I have an infection! I am now on antibiotics and I am finally feeling some relief from the pain. Hopefully the infection will clear up soon. I go back on Monday so they can check on it.


Nik had to go out of town on Monday for some work stuff so Jaxen and I tagged along. And good thing I did...because we got to go shopping!

I received some money for my birthday and got to use some of it. I found a cute new shirt and 2 watches! I really just needed one watch but it was buy one, get the second half off. A pretty good deal. So I ended up with 2 watches!

During our Rummage Sale last week, I made a quick decision the night before to sell our dishes. I really liked my dishes, but just wanted something different. So we sold them, and with the money I made off the Rummage Sale, we purchased new dishes and silverware! So much fun!

And while we were out shopping, we had to purchase a new little toy for Jaxen.

We have plans this weekend to see some of our favorite friends, Chris & Kylee! Hope you have a good weekend, too!

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  1. FUN! You shoulda sold your dishes to me when I was there! I love those dishes and I need new ones! Grrrrr.....just kidding. I love your shirt - although, is that PINK in it?