Thursday, June 6, 2013


The last few days have been filled with grandparents, naps and drugs! Let me clarify....since my wisdom teeth came out on Friday, I have been taking pain medicine which makes me sleepy. I think I have napped everyday - and it has been nice! I feel a bit guilty for sleeping so much, but I have really needed the rest in order to function well.

But on to the grandparents...Nik's mom and dad came for a visit and we have all had a really good time. I am so thankful that they made the trek here to spend time with Jaxen (and us). Jaxen has enjoyed having new babysitters and playmates!

I was a tad better at taking pictures this time around....

While they were here we celebrated his first birthday, complete with cupcakes, a candle and a new car!

Seeing the car for the first time!

Nik was helping him get it out of the box.
Trying to put it together.
Jaxen was being a big helper!

Finally....Jaxen got to get on it!
Going for a ride. No pants required.
 Eating a cupcake for his 1st Birthday!

He was not very messy while eating it.
Kay tried to see if he would take a big bite!

I love the way he is looking at Russell here!

He was done with it after a short time.
He did have a really big dinner that night!

Jaxen also received some new clothes (Thanks Uncle Ryan and Aunt Anna)
including this Cowboys pajama set. We are not Cowboys fans...but
I'm sure his Aunt Jessie sure appreciates it!

The rest of their visit we spent visiting and catching up on everything. They went to church with us, and then on Tuesday and Wednesday, they watched Jaxen while Nik and I went to work.

Mamaw Kay got in some good cuddle time with Jaxen!
(Which is pretty hard to do these days.)

Thank you, Russell and Kay for coming! We are so glad Jaxen (and we) got to spend some time with you!

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