Sunday, June 16, 2013

Random Thoughts

* I know it has been a long time since I blogged. We have not done anything special or 'blog worthy' so don't worry that you have missed out on much! Nik and I have just been working our tails off!

* We did finally clean out our garage - I thought about doing a whole post on that by itself...but decided against it - ha!

* All 3 of us took a nap today. It was grand. And long. And then I was just feeding Jaxen dinner and he fell asleep in his high chair while eating! It was so funny and cute. I was about to take a picture and blog about it when he woke him. So now he is napping (again) in his crib. I'm not sure if we have just wore him out this week, or if he is in a growth spurt or something, but he is sleeping a lot here lately.

Sleepy boy...

The above picture (today) reminds me of a similar picture
from back in February...

* We go to the doctor tomorrow for Jaxen's 1 year checkup. Just crazy!

* I have heard about a lot of moms who are sad when their 'baby' turns one, but I'm not really sad about it. I'm actually just really excited that he is growing and doing so well, and that (we all) reached this big milestone!

* I have been asked a lot though here recently when/if we are going to have baby #2. Does that question just automatically come after a first birthday? The answer (if you are wondering) is that, yes, we want to have a baby #2....but no, we don't want another baby right now (or 9 months from now).

* Nik is out enjoying his evening playing disc golf with some other dads and their sons. Then we will all meet up for dinner in a bit.

* We had a low-key, but really nice day today. Nik opened up some gifs from Jaxen and I this morning and it was a wonderful time celebrating him as a dad! He is an awesome dad.

* I did not take any pictures (so far) of Jaxen and Nik. I have not been that good lately with the picture-taking-thing.

* I did get a few pictures on Jaxen's birthday.

Jaxen had just woken up...

He was ready for me to put down my camera
and pick him up!

Jaxen and Nik before Nik went to work that morning.

Jaxen and I before I went to work.

* Last night Jaxen got really hyper and started dancing on the table. It was so funny!

Dancing on the table, holding a 'microphone'!

* Jaxen is now awake. This random post in complete!

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