Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vacation - Day 5, 6 and 7

We woke up on Vacation Day 5 to thunderstorms. No beach for us - so we headed to the Outlet Mall! 

While at the mall, there was a tornado warning. We were locked in the store while the storm passed. Jaxen, of course, had fun exploring...especially in the bikini section!

The storm passed and we continued on our way. After we got back, Jaxen and I laid down for an afternoon nap. Nik thought Jaxen looked cute snuggled up against my back and took a picture.

That evening friends of ours came into town to finish out the vacation with us. So from that point on...I have very few pictures! 

Although there are not many pictures...we did a ton of stuff. We basically crammed a full week's worth of stuff into two days!

Vacation Day 6 - Beach, pool, out to eat, mini golf....

Jaxen, running around the beach in his diaper and shark swim top.

Jaxen learned to get up and down on the lawn chairs...
so that is how he spent the morning!

A group picture of the "kids".

A group picture of the adults.


While they played, I kept score and kept Jaxen entertained!

Jaxen loved the big fish tank!

Vacation Day 7 - Before we headed home we spent some more time at the beach. Then we cleaned,  packed up, and headed out for lunch. We did some last minute souvenir shopping (looking), ate at an old-fashioned ice cream shop and then hit the road and headed home!

And that is our vacation wrap-up!

We had so much fun hanging out with our friends the last part of our vacation. We are back home and in the groove of 'normal life'!

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