Friday, May 10, 2013

Vacation - Day 4

So yesterday, we all woke up at 8am. When one wakes up, we all wake up because we are all in the same room. Jaxen is sleeping in his play pen at the foot of our bed.  The room we are in is super small....which makes the point that when one wakes, we all wake!

We have just been eating cereal every morning for breakfast to help save money on eating out - but yesterday we splurged and got doughnuts. After a yummy breakfast Jaxen and I went down for a nap. A 2-hour nap at that! And that was our morning! It was so nice to nap 2 hours after I woke up. The perk of a "relaxed" vacation!

Then we headed to the beach for a few hours. The wind was really up which made for some really fun, big waves! All three of us got out in them. Jaxen really likes the big waves (as long as he is being held) and he even likes when it splashes in his face!

I have a video I tried to post here...but I'm having trouble. 
As soon as I can, I will post it!

After beach and baths we headed out for dinner. Then stayed in and watched a movie. That has been another perk of our "relaxed" vacation. We have now watched 2 movies and tried to watch 2 others (that were not good), before returning them, unfinished.

Jaxen had fun playing on the balcony and with the glass doors.

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  1. So, are you going to tell us what movies you watched and which ones were not good. You could be saving me some money here -