Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Hello, everybody! I have taken an unintentional blogging break for the past week. Sorry about that :(  I am still here and we are well. 

We had many many things to get done last week before we left on a 4 day trip with the youth group. And now that we are back...there are many many things that need to happen this week!

I called my babysitter today to apologize for the mess of a house she has to be in today, while caring for Jaxen. We unloaded everything in a couple of heaps and left it all there yesterday. So much so, that I even brushed my teeth with an old toothbrush in my bathroom drawer, because I was too tired to dig out my regular one from the luggage! Ha! We were are wiped out!

Yesterday when we got home I think Nik and I both prayed for Jaxen to take a nap because we were no longer functioning...and he did! So we got a little nap and hopefully after today, we will feel like normal again.

I love our youth group, and I love taking trips with them. But they are also very tiring! As a sponsor, you are the first up in the morning (6am), the last down at night (1:30am), the sunscreen-er, the encourager, the driver, the timekeeper, the water-boy...and the list goes on. And when you add a cute, 11 month old boy named Jaxen....well, let's just say this trip was very interesting!

Nik and I learned a lot about being parents and youth sponsors at the same time. But all-in-all, the trip and Jaxen were wonderful! We had such a great time, and I think out of 5 years of doing this very event...It was the best yet!

I will post pictures later on...once I get my life back together and groceries in my kitchen and dinner on the table and laundry washed!

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say "Hello"!

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