Monday, May 13, 2013

Thoughts on Mother's Day

I am finally getting around to posting this... It was written late last night (or really, early this morning!).


First of all, I have to say... It is good to be home from vacation! We had the best time. It was so nice to spend an uninterrupted week focusing completely on time with my husband and son. But, as always, it is nice to be home. I am nestled in my (very comfy, big) bed trying to put some thoughts on this blog before I call it a night (Our bed for the last week was a not-too-comfy full-size bed). Everyone else is sound asleep. It is late, but I wanted to get a head start on some laundry so my day is not completely consumed tomorrow!

And now on to my thoughts....

Tonight I got hooked on Facebook and some blogs, reading about all the wonderful Mother's Day wishes. Some were funny pictures of them and their mothers. Others were sweet words about what their mother means to them. A few were to moms who are not on this earth any longer. I even saw some wishes out there for women yearning to be a mom. And I watched a couple of videos that focused on the hard but rewarding job being a mom is. They all touched me in some way.

I don't (or try not to) take this "mom" thing for granted. I am so blessed to be a mom. More than I could ever have imagined. God made my dreams come true the day Jaxen was born. I am a mom because of him. And what a job it is!

I also try not to take for granted my wonderful mother. I am so blessed to have the mom that I do. She loves me (and my sister) unconditionally. She has loved us through the good times, the bad times, the hard times, the sad times and the happy times. She has always been there to love and support us through anything. I will never forget her reactions to some pretty bold decisions that I have made through my life. She told me "Okay. It's your life." And that was it. She let me live my life. She let me be who I was. And supported me and loved me through it all. Thank you, mom.

I am also grateful for the mother-in-law I have. For how she has raised her sons. Nik is an amazing man, husband and father. Thank you Kay, for the way you have loved your family... and me.

Happy Mother's Day! This was my first... but I look forward to many, many more!

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