Monday, April 11, 2011

To My Grandmother's House I Go!

This weekend I went to see my Mamaw! I drove 2 hours (ish) to Dublin, TX. Population: 3,887.

We had such a great visit! We talked and talked all night Friday. We did stop talking just enough to eat a yummy meal at Chili's. But then the talking resumed! (By the way - Dublin is not big enough for a Chili's, but the next town is only 12 miles away - in case you were wondering...probably not).

Saturday we did a little work outside her house and played games. We love to play games. She taught me a new one, with dice. Don't remember the name. But it was fun!

I had to leave late afternoon on Saturday to get back home. But I had such a wonderful time away. I love my Mamaw so much and was glad I got a chance to see her!

While I was away, Nik went and saw Soul Surfer with our teens Friday night. He got to spend some one-on-one time with one of our teens on Saturday. He tries to do this fairly often, in order to build better relationships with them.

Sunday, after church, we ran errands, bought groceries and hung out! Nik is one of my favorite people to hang out with!


  1. I bet Mamaw enjoyed you as much as you did her! I wish I weree that close to both of you! I am glad you went and love you very much! Jess.

  2. Jess - I wish you were close, too! How are things going with you? Maybe we should actually talk one night on the phone...just a thought!