Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Update

Our weekend consisted of…

A walk on the Black River Trail - I have started running (a little bit) again, and so Nik suggested we go on this trail…so I could do my running and he and Jaxen could follow along. It was actually a lot of fun! I would run and get ahead of them and then walk back to them and then do it again.

We took Jaxen’s wagon, in case he wanted to ride…he did not...
Once he saw me running, he wanted to follow right along!

So Nik and/or Jaxen pulled the empty wagon the whole time! 

Finally, towards the end of the trail and after throwing all the rocks he could find into the river, he decided he was tired enough to ride.

Drink in hand and the water-pack on his back…that’s how he rolls!

Fresh green beans - Okay, nobody laugh at me…but I have never had home-grown-hand-picked-from-the-garden-fresh green beans. I know. Crazy. What can I say…I grew up in a household that ate canned vegetables. And there is nothing wrong with that mom (I’m just a bit deprived!) :)

This past week, someone was kind enough to bring us some fresh green beans, a zucchini, and cucumbers. I (of course) had to search Pinterest for the best way to cook them….and ended up roasting them in the oven with some olive oil and seasonings. They were pretty good. I think I needed to cook them a bit longer though, and they would be perfect! I’ll have to try this again someday!

Our dinner: grilled pork chops, corn on the cob and green beans - YUM! 

And Minion Pajamas - Jaxen pretty much always needs pajamas. I am constantly on the lookout for ones that are on sale. While at Target last week, I found these…

And I just had to buy them. When we first interviewed here in NY, the pastor told us that Jaxen’s speech reminded him of a minion from Despicable Me. And Jaxen loves those movies, so I just had to purchase them! 

We dressed Jaxen in his new pajamas and let him watch Despicable Me 2!

He pretty much could not be any cuter!

Oh, wait…

This is him, dressed and ready to go to church Sunday morning...

Yup. CUTE!

Our weekend also consisted of a very fun Sunday afternoon out on the lake - but I have NO pictures. Can you believe it?! I can’t. So just imagine Jaxen playing in the water and throwing rocks (his new favorite activity) and then imagine us all on a boat for a very fun, fast ride! Jaxen did so good on the boat. He loved the speed and loved it when Jeff (the boat driver) did really sharp turns. At one point, I looked back (Nik was holding Jaxen in his lap) and those two were the cutest. They already look a lot alike, but with Jaxen’s new hair cut and his hair line exactly like Nik's and having the exact same expression as Nik….it was just pretty sweet, to see them together.

After a few boat rides, we ate and played lawn games until the sun went down. Then we headed home and on our way home, the Scion had a few issues. Thankfully, we knew the people right behind us and they were kind enough to follow us all the way home, just in case we broke down. We were able to get it in the shop and after a few repairs and some money dished out…it is like new again!

For the few men who read this blog…if you care to know what was actually wrong with our car, you will have to call Nik. I don’t remember and don’t want to take the time to ask him again, and listen to the explanation and then type it. Lazy - and keepin’ it real! Ha!

And on that note…I will leave with you with one last picture from today:

Ha ha ha ha! No words :)


  1. I love your family! You guys are so sweet, cute, and hilarious all rolled into a ball of busy! What size pajamas does Jaxen wear?

    1. Thanks...we are a mess! Jaxen wears 2T for the most part.