Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hanging On...

Where has this week gone?! It has flown by! I’m so sorry you have not had anything to read on this blog this week. I meant to post but this week just got away from me!

I am hanging on to the last bit of summer...

Monday we went to the Zoo with some friends and had a great time (no pics). 

Then Tuesday, I looked at the weather...
and made a quick decision that Jaxen and I needed to hit the beach!

Our beach bag all packed and ready to go.

Jaxen’s friends: Kendall, Trinity and Sage.

He had the best time playing on the beach, and in the water!

He wore himself out…and after 4 hours (and him laying face down in the sand)
I decided it was time to go home.

He passed out. Cold. On the way home.

While he was napping, I picked up a little summer treat for Nik and I!
(Strawberry Limeade add Lemon for me. Lemonberry slush for Nik.)

My plan was for Nik to take off of work and go with us to the beach.
He did not really agree to that plan. He had lots of work to do. Bummer.

He was in charge of re-doing one of the large rooms in the church.
This room is used for the youth, but also an adult sunday school class and a fellowship area.
So that took a big majority of his week.
I helped most of the day on Wednesday and today - 
and when he arrived home tonight - it was completed!
And it looks great.
And guess what? Nik did not take any pictures of the before or after!!!
Can you believe it?
He should know by now, being married to a blogger, that you always take pictures!

So Wednesday night, the youth met on the Battlefield in Sackets Harbor.
While Nik was speaking, Jaxen felt that he needed an assistant.
He was pretty much by Nik’s side the entire time (except for a drink and snack break).
Pretty cute.

Although I ended up painting 2 days this week, I am still hanging on to the end of summer.
I have just 2 items left on my End of Summer Bucket List and 
I’m blaming Nik as to why they did not happen this week -
Here’s to next week!

I do have to tell you, however, that fall is creeping in on us.

I used my crock pot this week and put it by one of my fall prints and new pumpkin candle.
(to get the full fall effect)

And as I sat outside on my front porch, I started noticing some changes in the leaves.
See the leaves on the ground…already falling and changing colors.

Nik is watching football - which for men, means fall has arrived! Ha ha!


  1. Fall is not defined by football by men only! Your dear sister is in that crowd as well! Please take lots of pictures (as if I have to ask) as fall enters. That too is my favorite season. So, what is left on your bucket list? You never did say?

    1. So sorry to limit the football-watching to men! (I actually don’t mind hearing it in the background). And I know you love it as well :) Oops…what is left on my list is eating at the Farmers Market and make Spray Chalk!