Monday, August 18, 2014

Random Pictures from Last Week

Saturday -
We went to a BBQ and the hosts had a pet rabbit! 
They allowed the kids to go in the pin to play with it.
Jaxen really liked it, but after awhile he kept wanting to carry it around.
That was the end of the rabbit time!

Sunday -
We ran a grocery errand…and of course, we had to get Jaxen a snack while we shopped.
Every time he gets in a shopping cart (does not matter where) he thinks he
needs a drink and a snack. That is how he rolls!
I think he is a bit spoiled…!

Monday - 
Jaxen and Nik play pretty much every afternoon when Nik gets home.
This particular day, Nik kept sitting in front of Jaxen and leaning back. 
Jaxen thought it was hilarious!

As we were playing outside that evening, he (of course) found mud and had to play!

Tuesday -
We had VBS every morning last week. 
Tuesday after Jaxen ate lunch I let him watch a little TV before nap time 
(while Nik and I were eating!). This is how I found him...

After nap, we colored.

And then he saw Curious George “drumming” in the picture on the back of his book.
He started drumming with his crayons on the drums from the book.
He was having a great time - It was pretty cute!

Wednesday - 
Everyday after VBS Jaxen was kind of on-his-own while Nik and I finished up our jobs.
So that means…he ran around the sanctuary (which I don’t normally allow).
And everyday, we would find him up front, middle stage, talking.
Some say preaching… Ha ha ha!

And then of course, that night, he found all the puddles to play in!

Thursday -
 I had almost forgotten about that morning, until I saw this picture!
Wednesday night, Jaxen woke up around 11:15, in a panic (not a normal wake-up). 
So I brought him to bed with us. That is just never a good idea - I should learn. No one sleeps!
Around 4:30, Jaxen and I made our way downstairs to watch a movie.
At 7:30, after I had gotten ready and it was his turn, I found him asleep.

Friday -
I finally got to Sonic!
This place is packed though and I have only been once.
They have the entrances closed off with people standing guard,
only allowing cars to come in (after being in a line down the street) when there are spaces available!
The line most days is 10-20 minutes (before you can even enter!)
I don’t have time for that…hence the one time at Sonic!
Oh, and guess what time there was no line? 4:15pm on Friday. Crazy. Who knew!

And this past Saturday -
Jaxen, eating a corn dog for lunch!

Hope you enjoyed a few bits of our last week!

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