Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Different World

We are home. Actually, we arrived home late Thursday afternoon. But we hit the ground running, as they say! We were actually home only 20 minutes when I had some other place to be. Nik and I both had different things to attend yesterday and we have one more event tonight….

All that to say, I am just now getting around to post a little something!

Kingdom Bound was everything they said it would be! It was fun! It was a whirl-wind, for sure. I felt like I was in a different world for a few days…

A world that revolved around what roller-coaster and concert was next. A world where I was in charge of feeding 24 people, 3 times a day! A world where rain and mud and showers mattered very little. A world that allowed my 2 year old to eat only chips an entire day and continue eating apples that had fallen in mud….you get the idea!

I wanted to let you know we were home safe and thank you for your prayers. Jaxen did very well on this trip. He slept through the nights, and had a short nap everyday. He did not sleep near enough (he is exhausted) but when he slept, he slept well!

If you follow Nik or I on Facebook, you saw snip-pits of our time there. But I will post more pictures later.

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