Friday, August 22, 2014

Rain, Rain...

It’s raining here. Again. Last week I'm pretty sure it rained 6 out of the 7 days and this week I think it has rained at least 3 days, maybe 4. Needless to say, it rains a lot in Watertown. Or maybe I just feel like it is a lot because I came from never-ending-drought-country (TX)!

I like the rain, but it does put a damper on what we can do outside. And winter is coming...! (everyone keeps reminding me!) Which will also put a damper on our outside activities. And since I have a very busy 2-year old, I am trying to plan for some indoor stuff we can do together.  

I'm pretty sure this fall I will join another Bible study group one morning, and I hope that our church brings back Tot Time one morning. But that is not enough…so in my planning-mode, I took Jaxen to the Library this week to get us each a Library card! I can't even tell you the last Library I stepped into. But we did it. I was not blown away by the Library here, and honestly Jaxen has some really super-great books already, so we didn't even check any books out!

But they do have story time and movies and crafts that they do through the school year, for we are in!

We are official….our library cards!

Also in my planning-for-indoor-activities-mode, I need to focus some more effort on learning activities that Jaxen and I can do at home to help with his speech and other skills.

So I recently purchased these flashcards with shapes and colors on them!


Because yesterday was rainy, Jaxen and I joined Nik on quick trip to Syracuse. He bought us lunch at a great barbecue place (Dinosaur BBQ) and then Jaxen napped in the car while Nik was in his meeting.

All ready for the day!

Jaxen proudly sporting his new Dinosaur BBQ Tattoo!

And napping in the car.

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