Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Today I took a few minutes to make valentines for the kids in Jaxen’s class at Mothers Day Out. They will exchange valentines on Thursday. I totally went to Pinterest for some ideas. I found the easiest idea and re-created it! There was not too much thought that went into it, and it was super easy - just what I needed this week.

Without further ado…

The cards…”I’m wild for about you, valentine!"

Inside each bag, I put frosted animal crackers.

Staple the card to the bag, and wa-la!

Since we are on the subject of valentines…I was working with Jaxen today to “love” on his animals. Instead of throwing them, hitting them, stepping on them….you know, the normal boy thing. He was getting it down pretty well until Nik came home. I was trying to show Nik how Jaxen was hugging on the animals and it did not work. Back to normal!

But I have proof! Kind of. The following pics are of Jaxen “loving” on his animals. He is actually holding them close, patting their back (just like I do with him)!

Valentines for Nik and I this year (and actually, probably Jaxen too) is new flooring and a new paint job in our current home. Exciting huh? It might actually be if we were going to be here to enjoy it! But this is all in the name of SELLING our home. Which we are neck deep in - trying to list it on the market. 

More of our Watertown Story coming later this week!

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