Friday, February 21, 2014

The Story of Watertown, NY - Part III

More from our time in Watertown, NY, for the interview…

Tuesday, January 28: We were allowed to sleep in a bit after our very long day on Monday. So we got a late start! Our day started with breakfast at the hotel and visiting with our friend, Becky! I was so excited to see her and catch up. Soon after breakfast we were off with Pastor Chad and Misty. They took us to the church and showed us around.

The church (actually the whole town) looked like a Christmas Village! Everything was covered in snow, and I thought it was beautiful! The church is located on a large patch of land, across the street from an amazing park. A really great location.

We saw everything in the church…and we learned that they use every space in that church for something. Often times, one room is used for multiple things throughout the week. And that is good...there is a lot going on there!

We met some of the staff and volunteers who were working that day. We also got a chance to see the Tuesday morning mom/child play group that they host. And we got to spend a bit more time with the staff over lunch at a  Greek food place! I am still trying to remember everyones name and what they do! Many of the staff are part-time employees who do other jobs on the side. But they were all so very sweet and sincere. I like that. And they all took really well to Jaxen. They did everything they could to make Jaxen comfortable.

That afternoon we went back to the hotel so Jaxen could take a nap. While he was napping one of the pastor’s kids stayed in the hotel room with him and played with him once he woke up.

Side note: The pastor and his wife have 3 children (teenagers) and they are all wonderful and loved on Jaxen the entire time! Any time they were with us, they immediately took Jaxen and entertained him so we could concentrate on whatever we were doing. They walked with him in restaurants, played with him in the church or hotel, watched movies with him at their house…you name it, they did it! And I am so thankful to them for that! By the time we left, Jaxen had made some great new friends!

While Jaxen was upstairs napping, the adults (Nik, Chad, Misty and myself) sat in the lobby, sipping on hot tea or coffee, watching the snow fall outside, talking. This was the time we asked/answered questions more on a personal level. It was serious conversation but a really good time of sharing with each other. The pastor and his wife are very thoughtful. They are so kind and open, which made it easy to open up to them and share about our life, struggles and our ministry experiences.

That conversation lasted all afternoon - we actually had to cut our time mid-conversation so we could get ready for dinner and our official interview that evening with the church board.

So Nik and I ran upstairs, changed clothes and got Jaxen ready before heading out again. We shared a fantastic dinner (Italian food) with the Pastor Chad, Misty and our friends Jim and Becky. Although dinner was really good and we were in the company of some great friends, the interview was on our minds. We did not eat much that evening. I don't think we were super nervous (well, maybe I was...) just more anxious and ready to have that part of the trip over!

At 7pm we were at the church and met with the church board. It was actually pretty bad weather that night, and not everyone could make it in. Luckily, they had enough board members there for us to go ahead and interview. Because not everyone was in attendance it made for a more personal setting. Which was nice! (On Wednesday, we were able to meet with some of the board members who did not make it).

During the interview Pastor Chad asked each of us to share a little about ourselves and our testimony. I made Nik go first, and then I followed. Each person on the church board was really nice and once we started talking, I was not nervous. I don’t think Nik was nervous at all, actually. But that’s just him. Things like that stress me out! After we shared all we could think of to share, the pastor opened up for a time of questions from the board. I don’t remember many of the questions that were asked…but I do know that none of them threw me off! So overall, I guess it went good!

Side note: My throat was really dry the entire time we were up there, and in the middle of the interview my throat was so dry (from talking) that I started coughing and could not stop! It was really bad, actually. I left the room and someone helped me find some water. It took a few minutes for me to get my composure back!

After the interview, we went to the Pastor’s house and helped them re-arrange their furniture upstairs for the new carpet they were getting the next day. Pretty random, but it was fun to jump right in and help out however we could! Afterward, we went back to the hotel. It was late, and I'm pretty sure we hit the sack as soon as we could. We were all exhausted. The stress of the travel, and the anxiety of the interview and the excitement of everything else was very overwhelming. In a good way....but overwhelming!

Next up...Wednesday & Thursday....

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  1. Hey there girl. Sorry so long to respond to all these wonderful blogs. I read them all the time though. WOW look at all that snow, now you know what I am in here in WI. I miss you guys. I am sad your leaving TX, but excited for you guys in your new adventure. I guess I will just have to come see New York now. Keep in touch and will continue to read even if I dont respond I am here thinking of you guys.