Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dentist Story

I know I have been a terrible blogger. Maybe no one is even checking this blog anymore except my family. But that is okay. One day I will get back in the groove!

I do have much to share with everyone...I just have to find the time to actually share it! So check back next week.

So for get a dental story. I'm sure there are many more exciting things I could write about. But that is it for today!

Read on.

Today I went to the dentist. Yuck. First...let me recap a little of my dental history for you. This past summer I had my bottom wisdom teeth pulled. Then I had dry sockets. Then I had infections. Then because of the difficulity of pulling those wisdom teeth, I ended up needing a root canal. Then a crown put on. Well, I (obviously) ran out of money because nothing in the dental world is cheap. So I waited to get my crown until the new year. Now we are up to date!

So I went in today to get my temporary crown, and get fitted for a permanent one. While they were trying to do this, they were having some major problems. Long story short...they ended up doing a procedure where they (cut out / burned off) got rid of some of the tissue and (possibly? maybe...not really sure) some of my gums around my tooth. I don't even know if that makes sense, but there was excess from my wisdom teeth surgery that was in the way of putting on my crown. So they had to do extra stuff (that of course, cost extra money). I am very very sore and tender. But hopefully they took care of everything and I just have to go back the first of March to get my actual crown put on my tooth. Like I told Nik...I have basically become the "worst case scenario” kind of person.

On a lighter note:

Jaxen has discovered the guitar! This is how he spent his Monday. And I’m not even exaggerating. All day long, Jaxen lugged this guitar around the house, playing for me. In his pajamas. It was a pretty sweet day. However, when he went to bed that night, the guitar got put back away. For now.

At some point in the last couple of weeks, I caught Emilie and Jaxen having a cute moment putting together a puzzle. But come to find out…it wasn’t a really cute moment after all. Jaxen was actually un-doing the puzzle and putting all the pieces elsewhere. He is so destructive!

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