Friday, January 10, 2014


Do you make resolutions in the New Year?

I never really have before. But I have been thinking about them, and I really want to make some this year. I know it is cliche to make them at New Years and probably like 97% of resolutions are never met...but no matter the time of year, I always think it is good to set some goals and to strive for things. So that is what I am doing!

So here are my resolutions for 2014 (beginning this week):


Read 6 books: I need to read more. I enjoy it, but don’t ever make the time for it.

Lose 20 pounds: Always a goal. Always. It is so hard, but I really need and want to do it.

Make running a normal part of my week (2-4 times): I began running this summer and really started enjoying it. Then I got out of the habit. I miss the time to myself and the exercise.

Begin and keep 1 new hobby: I just feel like I want something else to do with my time (that does not include work - of any kind!).

Learn to make homemade bread: This has been on my list for years. I just need to do it. We love homemade bread.

Take Jaxen to the park once a week: Just a good goal to have for Jaxen.

Have a date night once a month with Nik: It is so needed. And we are not very good at taking that time for ourselves.

There you have it. I hope to update every-so-often with how I am doing!


And here are some pictures of Jaxen, because a post is not complete without some pictures of him!

Building and knocking down blocks

Hugging his puppy

Wearing his hard hat while playing (it’s a tough job!)

And riding on his car

Which reminded me of this pic, from my “Year in Review” post
Picture below taken in June

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  1. Great resolutions and realistic. You can do it!! Hope you and your precious family have a blessed 2014!!! Love you much!!1