Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Story

Today I took Jaxen to get a haircut. His hair lady was running a few minutes behind so I ran to Sonic to get me an afternoon pick-me-up. Once I got my soda, we headed that way.

The “after”. He always looks like a little boy after his hair is cut!

The minute we stepped in the door to see his hair lady, he started whining. A very loud, obnoxious whine. And would not sit in the chair so she could cut his hair. My plan was to sit and have some peace and quiet while she cut his hair, drinking my soda. Let’s just say my plan did not come to fruition. I ended up sitting in the chair, with a (now) crying toddler on my lap while this lady did magic. Seriously…I don’t know how she cut his hair with him sitting on my lap, laying on my shoulder, crying.

Another view.

I finally got Jaxen to eat some fruit snacks and that made it all better!  She was able to finish up the cut and make sure she didn’t miss anything. The minute Jaxen was out of the chair, he became this perfect little angel boy. Isn’t that how it goes?!

And one more!

As we were leaving, I decided to carry him to the car (which was about a block away) because we have sub-arctic-temps and winter-weather right now. Or at least according to anyone that has lived in central Texas longer than 5 years and does not actually remember what winter is! But anyways…. once we were to the car, and I was putting Jaxen in his car seat my soda fell and basically a 32 oz drink ended up in my shoe and all over the bottom half of my pant leg. Fun. I poured the soda out of my shoe, got in the car and turned on the heater to dry off and warm up my foot! On the way home, I stopped back by sonic to get another soda. That was the only thing keeping from me getting mad and frustrated about my whole drink spilling all over me!

I am now home, drinking my soda, trying to type out this blog post that is probably way longer than I intended. Nik is laying on the couch, under an blanket and Jaxen is peacefully playing with his toys. We are in for the night and I plan on making waffles, bacon and eggs for dinner!

Here are some other pictures for your viewing pleasure…!

One night, while I was cooking dinner - I was trying to keep Jaxen 
entertained. An old muffin pan, some cereal and spoons did the trick!

 And when he got too hungry to wait for dinner - grapes and juice were in order!

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